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Companies Valuation with Pressiton Exchange

The first stage of a company’s sale or purchase is its professional valuation.

Pressiton Exchange helps realize the dream of every Business Manager and Shareholder, by precisely analyzing a business’s value and its entire financial situation.

Our holistic approach, represented by the Pressiton All Seeing EyeTM (PASETM) allows for the most reliable comparison of the businesses available.

In addition, PressitonTradingTM offers a unique technical analysis that completely avoids the bias of price volatility, which can be caused by the biggest technical traders.

Our specialists, on the basis of submitted documents and financial data, determine the value of every type of business.

A company’s valuation is performed using different calculation methodologies. This includes the use of copyright-based methods designed by the experienced professionals working in Pressiton.

After valuating a business, Pressiton prepares a development projection for 3 years, which shows a business’s value in the future.

We are the only company in the world that can present results using the unique Pressiton Exchange platform.

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