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PressitOn TradingOn behalf of the Central Banks only

We carry out a professional analysis of the price movement for stocks, currencies and commodities.

The underlying model proves, that predicting the prices of any instruments is not possible.

There aren't existing a reliable trend lines, Fibonacci levels, or any other geometrical models.

Changes in the prices direction are unknown, until the last moment; they depend on current market dynamics.

This is the reason for a tremendous difficulties involved in making a correct investment decisions, the market simply doesn't know what will happen in the future; it only becomes apparent in the last moment.

But this very moment is an extremely precise signal, for buying or selling securities.

We call this phenomenon Pressiton Uncertainty Principle Acceptance (PUPA)TM.


Pressiton uses this analysis, to predict market movement directions (not the prices levels), and to support the Central Banks policies and decisions, related to their own currencies, and to the commodities, which are often the main base of state budget income.

Let's work together.

With Us the World is Yours

Pressiton Team
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