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PressitOn TradingOn behalf of the Central Banks only

We carry out a professional analysis of a price movements for stocks, currencies and commodities.

The underlying model proves, that predicting the prices of any instruments is not possible.

There aren't existing a reliable trend lines, Fibonacci levels, or any other geometrical models.

Changes in the prices direction are unknown, until the last moment; they depend on a current market dynamics.

This is the reason for a tremendous difficulties involved in making a correct investment decisions, the market simply doesn't know what will happen in the future, this only becomes apparent in the very last moment.

But this very moment is an extremely precise signal, for buying or selling securities. The "last" can mean 1s, 1 hour or 1 week, depending on a time frame. The challenge lies in watching markets all the time, and catching these correct moments.

We call this phenomenon Pressiton Uncertainty Principle Acceptance (PUPA)TM.


Pressiton uses this analysis, to predict market movement directions (not the price levels), and to support the Central Banks policies and decisions, related to their own currencies, and to the commodities, which are often the main source of a country budget income.

Let's work together.

With Us the World is Yours

Pressiton Team
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At Pressiton we finance companies, and much more, by sharing with them our home-made newest technology.

The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The Press-Travel has many AI features, to interactively help the customers, in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the Press-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.