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Investment Supervision System with Pressiton


Pressiton can implement its own state of the art Sprint AccessTM system, as a shareholder we work with other shareholders to maximize an enterprise’s value.

Sprint AccessTM strategical advantages:

  • Company Directors can fully focus on developing business opportunities,sales and increasing profitability
  • the ability to supervise complicated processes while changing their parameters
  • the simplicity of the system, designed to improve a management processes, and to make it easy for employees to operate

Sprint AccessTM works best at companies:

  • with subsidiaries in many countries
  • with a complicated manufacturing-distribution-services processes
  • in higher risk countries, by using a strict control of the operations managed from the investor's headquarters

Scheme of co-operation:

  • potential investment identification
  • preparation of Bill of Quantities / Construction Programs / Project Financing schedules
  • transfer of funds
  • Sprint AccessTM full implementation
  • daily management and business value maximization

Cooperation with Pressiton allows investments in any type of business, in any place in the world.

Let's work together.

With Us the World is Yours

Pressiton Team
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