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Press[GDP] currency rate

The 100% money-laundering preventive system, based a global cooperation between the Central Banks, boosting the economies in a less developed countries, without any funding going away to the speculators (liquidity providers).

Pressiton Corporate Clearing Houses (PressClear), connected with the Central Banks, are an ultimate answer to the money transferring problems, described in the IMF document:

IMF: 2016.06.30

The Withdrawal of Correspondent Banking Relationships : A Case for Policy Action

This is how the Pressiton system works:

The Exchange Rate is stable, based on the countries GDP ratios, in a formula presented in a table below.

The higher GDP of Zimbabwe relative to the GDP of the US, the higher the currency rate exchange, creating an equilibrium effect.

Dealing with the exports-import is carried out in a following way, based on a example of exporting oil from Venezuela to India, and on importing generic drugs from India to Venezuela, s using the US Dollar, as the transaction currency.

There are following Pressiton accounts within the Central Banks to control the process:

An Indian company makes the Purchase Order through the Pressiton Online Management System (PressOMS), for the crude oil, transferring the INR currency, based on the GDP ratio , to the PresImLCA.

The delivery process takes place,  managed in the PressOMS, with a final invoice issued by the Venezuelan company.

The money is sent to the PressExFCA, and exchanged by the Central Bank of Venezuela into the VEB currency to the PressExLCA.

The payment is made in the VEB to the Venezuelan oil producer.

At this stage the Venezuelan Ventral Bank has the INR currency in possession.

Next the opposite process takes place, with paying for the Indian generics (and the other products).

The companies are are not exposed to the currencies risk at any time.

When the transaction amounts are balanced, there is none currency risk for the Central Banks neither, because the currencies are exchanged back and forth.

Even without achieving a full balance, the currency rate based on the GDP is PREDICTABLE, and not exposed to any speculation, depending only on the real outputs of the economies.

The Central Banks need only to make sure, that they are not accumulating in excess the currencies, which based on the GPD ratios may devalue - but also bearing in mind that the economies of a less developed or troubled countries may accelerate their GDP growth when cooperating with the Pressiton, and there will be a currency gain then.

US Venezuela

Zimbabwe GDP change
(assuming no change
in the GDP of the USA)

Equilibrium formula

GDP per capita $50,000.00 $10,000.00 $1,000.00 new GDP = $2,000
US $50,000 1.00 5.0 50.00 25.00 GDP rate

$10,000 0.2 1.00 10.00 5.00 GDP rate

Zimbabwe $1,000 0.02 0.1 1.00 1.00 GDP rate

Zimbabwe GDP change–example $2,000 0.04 0.2 1.00 1.00 GDP rate


The currency reserves are untouched, unless the Central Banks want to change a portfolio structure.

The PressPay is a integral part of the Sprint Access, the accounting solution which creates the Profit and Loss Report and the Balance Sheet of the projects on a daily basis, allowing to control an overall financial situation.


PressitGDP (also called PRT) currency rate used for the transactions in the Pressitonex on the


It is received by the product Sellers (providers), proportionally to the turnover volume, and to the margin offered by the Seller to Pressitonex.

The GDP's value is calculated by dividing a margin volume in the Seller's currency, by the GDP rate, which is based on the GDP comparison between the seller's country and the Global Domestic Product per capita.

For example, a current Global Domestic Product per Capita (GDPC) equals 9 995.55, the Liberia GDP per capita equals 478.68, the PRT rate for Liberia equals 21.1 LDR/PRT.

Next, for example, a Seller's daily turnover  comes to 100 000 units in his local currency (LDR in Liberia), with the Pressitonex' margin 12% = 12 000 LDR / 21.1   = 568.72 PRT.

The PRT currency becomes stronger when a country GDP grows faster than the GDPC, creating a self-stabilizing effect, called the Pressiton Currency equilibrium rule.

This approach makes the Pressit [PRT]  resistible to the market speculations.

The PRT received by the Sellers can be used for the further REAL transactions on the Pressitonex.

When the first PRT currency is received, there is a new  company created,  SELLER NAME [PRT] in the country Pressiton -  with the PRT going to the Shareholders Equity (Liabilities), and to the Cash Account (sets), to start a Seller's Balance Sheet.

Each accounting operation which uses the Seller's real currency AND  the PRT is registered, with the PLR / BS  for the company SELLER NAME [PRT] being created automatically.

Moreover, the SELLER NAME [PRT] account  can be connected with the SELLER NAME [PRT]  Company Index Tracker, which is an equivalent to its company valuation, shown on the Pressiton Exchange, and based on a continuous connection with the PLR / BS of the SELLER NAMER [PRT] company.

When the business value grows the Index Tracker grows, and the PRT is automatically, proportionally recalculated.

This creates a combination of current and investment accounts, where the Seller's wealth is directly connected with the business performance.

The PRT can't be stolen, it is the most transparent currency in the world, where each operation can be tracked in a detailed way.

We believe that this is the right approach for the currencies and markets development.

We also offer the Index Tracker of the Sellers's REAL PART of the companies, with its value calculated and monitored on the Pressiton Exchange on a regular basis, free of the markets volatility and manipulations.

Let's work together.

With Us the World is Yours

Pressiton Team
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After he LCB accepts the POP at the end of each day, the payments by the corporations are made in the local currency through the PressPay,  to the PressClear local currency account (PressClearLocal), held within the LCB.

The PressPay is a integral part of the Sprint Access, the accounting solution which creates the Profit and Loss Report and the Balance Sheet of the projects on a daily basis, allowing to control an overall financial situation in the most precise way in the world.

Next, the LCB exchanges the PressClearLocal to a foreign  currencies,  into the PressClear foreign accounts (PressClearForeign), with the LCB.

The exchange process is also connected with the Central Bank of the exporting countries, CBEx, who agree to transfer a relevant amount of their currencies, in exchange for the LCB currency.

Finally the transfers are made from the PressClearForeign into the exporters bank accounts, in their currency.

  • Stability of the currency rates based on the countries GDP ratios, which mean a very low volatility, easily embedded in the projects risk analysis.

  • Highly increased liquidity of a local currencies,  with the exporting parties issuing invoices ONLY in their local currencies, which is important factor for a less developed countries, struggling with their own currencies liquidity.

  • Physical deliveries supervision of all products and services by the Pressiton System - no grey area, no money laundering.

  • Letting the Central Banks to prepare the foreign currencies transfers at the relevant dates, as the  Purchase Order dates, and the payment dates are often distant.

  • The Central Banks have also an immediate and very detailed  information about a market structure of orders - immediately knowing what kind of products and services are transferred between the countries.

This system allows to boost economies in a less developed countries, overcoming problems of financial and exporting activities control from the international regulators, often making the business opportunities impossible to expedite.

At Pressiton we finance companies, and much more, by sharing with them our home-made newest technology.

The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The Press-Travel has many AI features, to interactively help the customers, in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the Press-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.