Pressiton Projects next Scotland
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City up
Country up
Value of service
87-9734GHA Househillwood External Fabric Year 3, 37-43 Haughburn RoadGlasgowScotland2010-02-112010-03-2920 057
86-9674Royal Infirmary - Plastics Department - terracotta GlasgowScotland2010-01-212010-03-1927 764
85-9590KC1071 Abertay University, Dundee - South ElevationDundee CityScotland2009-11-302010-03-15126 718
84-9613Glasgow Harbour Phase 2 - Additional WorksGlasgowScotland2009-11-092010-02-2620 062
83-9562161 Lyoncross Road, Glenoaks (Pollok)GlasgowScotland2009-12-122010-02-1313 183
82-9725Rosehall extension GlasgowScotland2010-02-042010-02-1246 306
81-108611 Myres Road - stairs at rear doorGlasgowScotland2008-01-032010-02-091 956
80-959660 - 86 Braehead StGlasgowScotland2009-12-102010-01-2280 276
79-8678Napier University - Sighthill Campus revGlasgowScotland2009-06-082009-12-15241 180
78-7794Strathclyde University Biomed BuildingGlasgowScotland2009-04-272009-10-23197 422
77-8430PRESTWICK - NATSGlasgowScotland2009-05-052009-06-041 666
76-1373GHA New Shaws Rossendale rd/Greenviw rd/Christian rd GlasgowScotland2008-02-042009-05-07578 535
75-7624Ashmore Road ShopsGlasgowScotland2009-03-162009-04-2714 430
74-7468Bowfield Phase 2GlasgowScotland2009-02-252009-04-1427 713
73-2031Glasgow Harbour Phase 2 - terracotta claddingGlasgowScotland2008-09-082009-04-1080 709
72-7682CCG - Bowfield Bin Stores G0021GlasgowScotland2009-03-202009-04-0310 796
71-2786Old Pollok Mansards; side 2GlasgowScotland2008-09-012009-01-2855 945
70-2788Castlemilk - BrickSlipsGlasgowScotland2008-10-012008-12-317 612
69-6773Union Square AberdeenAberdeenScotland2008-10-012008-12-31101 218
68-944Mezzanine Car Park, Cotton St. PaisleyGlasgowScotland2008-10-312008-11-2225 975
67-2151Morrison Granton - Superstore buildingEdinburgh Scotland2008-05-202008-08-2243 855
66-1345Q5 Buildings, Quartermile, EdinburghEdinburgh Scotland2008-01-142008-07-2382 545
65-1376Morrison Granton - Student accomodation building Edinburgh Scotland2008-02-112008-07-2280 384
64-1371GHA Levernside rd - shopsGlasgowScotland2008-02-252008-06-1357 461
63-2126Facade Elevation EGlasgowScotland2008-05-212008-05-262 381
62-1370Leithland Rd - Structherm system GlasgowScotland2008-02-112008-04-2627 580
60-1512Inveraray Primary School GlasgowScotland2008-04-082008-04-175 382
59-882Springhill Business Village, Glasgow GlasgowScotland2007-10-172008-04-1247 354
58-829Old Pollok year 3 GlasgowScotland2007-06-292008-04-11197 360
57-1617CCG - SHIELDS DW/Z0570GlasgowScotland2008-04-012008-04-051 145
56-131958 Raithburn Av Castlemilk GlasgowScotland2008-01-072008-02-081 149
55-1021462 Caledonia Road GlasgowScotland2007-11-052008-01-3117 903
54-633GHA Househillwood External Fabric Year 3GlasgowScotland2006-11-132008-01-18800 948
53-934Old Pollok - MansardsGlasgowScotland2007-10-012007-10-197 709
52-1016129 Neilsland OvalGlasgowScotland2007-10-152007-10-171 119
51-879Craighall Unit 3a and 3b, Glasgow City Centre GlasgowScotland2007-08-092007-10-1510 943
50-951Ardberg 9 GlasgowScotland2007-09-282007-10-031 487
49-915George Watson (Edinburgh)Edinburgh Scotland2007-09-172007-09-191 413
48-917J.Sainsbury (Edinburgh) Edinburgh Scotland2007-09-032007-09-175 300
47-916Largs Academy (Largs) LargsScotland2007-08-312007-09-142 231
46-912St Mary Prep School (Melrose) GlasgowScotland2007-09-042007-09-122 567
45-868Branchton RoofsGlasgowScotland2007-07-022007-08-285 452
44-902Dumbarton - labour onlyGlasgowScotland2007-08-202007-08-241 259
43-85030 Invercyle Cardonald - pointing labour onlyGlasgowScotland2007-06-212007-08-229 170
42-608GHA Old Pollok  GlasgowScotland2006-10-022007-08-11140 573
41-821Old Pollock Ext Fabric Yr2 - Garden WallsGlasgowScotland2007-06-112007-06-121 450
40-819Charles St Townhead Glasgow - labour only, window instalationGlasgowScotland2007-05-182007-06-043 156
39-81721, 23 and 27 Rosneath Street, Govan GlasgowScotland2007-05-162007-05-2812 307
38-603GHA - Pollokshaws Road - Fixing Isoklinker panels - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2006-08-282007-05-1762 258
37-802Queenslie - Council Blocks GlasgowScotland2007-05-012007-05-1510 589
36-788Welfarebuilding and Gatehouse - Windows (labour only)GlasgowScotland2007-03-202007-03-262 183
35-793Window Instalation in Aberdeen (Labour only)AberdeenScotland2007-03-222007-03-22770
34-602GHA - Surrey Street - Fixing Isoklinker panels - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2006-12-012007-03-1613 922
33-629GHA Auldhouse EastwoodGlasgowScotland2006-10-092007-02-28229 286
32-591GHA - Cavendish Street - Fixing Isoklinker panels - Labour Only GlasgowScotland2006-09-252007-01-3113 231
31-242GHA Braehead St/Caledonia Rd - Pointing of bricks - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2006-05-192007-01-1750 984
30-720GHA Househillwood - Househillmuir Crescen 20 GlasgowScotland2006-11-082006-11-138 103
29-583GHA Greenview Street GlasgowScotland2006-08-092006-11-1194 671
28-516GHA New Shows Stoneside Square GlasgowScotland2006-04-062006-10-07114 375
27-494GHA Househillwood External Fabric Phase 2GlasgowScotland2006-01-232006-09-23133 529
26-543GHA Househillwood External Fabric Phase 4GlasgowScotland2006-06-022006-07-3157 388
25-514GHA Househillwood External Fabric Phase 3GlasgowScotland2006-03-012006-07-31136 037
24-535SLC Murray External Fabric Repairs Heatherykonwe 43-65GlasgowScotland2006-04-272006-06-3020 941
23-531SLC Murray External Fabric Repairs Heatherykonwe 19-29GlasgowScotland2006-04-032006-06-309 568
22-548SLC Murray Seyton Lane RepairingGlasgowScotland2006-05-222006-06-2210 162
21-511SLC Murray External Repairs Mungo Park II GlasgowScotland2006-02-222006-06-2018 805
20-534SLC East Main External Fabric Repairs Markethill Road 42-52 GlasgowScotland2006-04-102006-06-0512 479
19-519SLC West Mains External Fabric Repairs Dryburgh HillGlasgowScotland2006-03-032006-05-1818 502
18-526SLC West Mains External Fabric Repairs Tantallon ParkGlasgowScotland2006-03-202006-05-1719 515
17-460GHA Househillwood External Fabric Phase 1 GlasgowScotland2005-11-212006-05-10110 718
16-361Extra Jobs - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2005-07-062006-04-265 791
15-509SLC East Mains External Fabric Repairs Dunglass Avenue Phase IIGlasgowScotland2006-02-012006-03-0718 629
14-493SLC Murray Ext Fabric Rapairs Mungo Park I GlasgowScotland2006-01-232006-02-2117 699
13-537Petersburn, Airdrie - Extra Jobs - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2005-07-292006-02-182 196
12-475SLC East Mains External Fabric Repairs Dunglass Avenue Phase IGlasgowScotland2005-11-212006-02-1841 719
11-444GHA Levernwood Year 3 Fabric GlasgowScotland2005-10-262006-02-06109 406
10-474SLC Murray Fabric Repairs Livingston Drive 2GlasgowScotland2005-12-012006-01-2020 601
9-594SLC - Extra Jobs - Labour OnlyGlasgowScotland2005-09-132005-12-031 363
8-465SLC Maxwellton Road External Fabric Phase IIGlasgowScotland2005-11-082005-12-0318 999
7-404SLC Maxwelton Road External Fabric Phase IGlasgowScotland2005-09-272005-12-0227 550
6-411GHA Cumming Drive GlasgowScotland2005-09-192005-11-2539 990
5-382Marylee Fabric Houses GHA GlasgowScotland2005-07-252005-11-02101 610
4-385SLC Murray Fabric Repairs Livingston DriveGlasgowScotland2005-08-152005-10-2121 435
3-352GHA Arden Ave and Stewarton RdGlasgowScotland2005-06-132005-08-0146 572
2-505Mosspark Bouleward GlasgowScotland2005-06-252005-07-063 768
1-229GHA Arden Ave GlasgowScotland2005-04-252005-07-0554 524
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Please find enclosed some of the Pressiton projects, which are not protected by confidentiality clauses.
Projects from the financial markets can be also found on the Pressiton Exchange.

At Pressiton we believe, and we work - for our civilization development.

The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The PressXAI-Travel interactively helps customers in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the PressXAI-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.