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We put theory to work.

The Pressiton Central Banking University, based in Miami, USA, is connecting the Central Banks with the real economies, through the Pressiton's unique knowledge and solutions.

With a current monetary policies, the Central Banks are irrevocably going to boost the economies in a much more complex ways, than changing the interest rates, or issuing the securities only.

They need a very precise solutions, simply called the PressItOn.

Additionally to the knowledge exchange facility, the Pressiton solutions are ideal for the Giving Pledge participants, allowing to allocate their fortunes on spot, for a sustainable development of the world: with the project financing prepared, supervised and monitored directly by the Pressiton.

This is crucial especially during a natural disasters, where the funding flow if often blocked for months or years, because of a fear of corruption or misspending, where at the same time the economies stay frozen, and people are dying.

Pressiton solves all these problems.

It is one of its kind opportunity and a combination, of the top money and the top skills.

General Program:

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Interesting example:

Green Bonds issuances specific example based on the SWOT for the Corporate Sector Purchase Program by the ECB.

The Pressiton University will be open for the central bankers, analysts and academics, who want to explore a new fields for making the world a better place to live:



BoE paper explores impact of climate-change policies on central bank objectives
Staff Working Paper No. 603: Let’s talk about the weather: the impact of climate change on central banks - 20.05.2016
Sandra Batten, Rhiannon Sowerbutts and Misa Tanaka

Tha BoE risks analysis and Pressiton's solutions:

“First, a weather-related natural disaster could trigger financial instability and a macroeconomic downturn if it causes severe damage to the balance sheets of households, corporates, banks and insurers (physical risks). The economic impact of a given natural disaster is likely to be less severe if the relevant risks are priced in financial contracts ex ante, and the financial system has distributed them efficiently, e.g. via insurance and reinsurance.”


“Second, gradual warming could also affect an economy’s potential growth rate. However, more reliable quantitative estimates based on detailed sector-level impact analysis would be needed before central banks can incorporate this effect in their monetary policy analysis.”

“Third, a sudden, unexpected tightening of carbon emission policies could lead to a disorderly repricing of carbon-intensive assets and generate a negative supply shock (transition risks). This has a potential for generating significant balance sheet losses and financial instability.”




My name is Bond. Green Bond.TM

My name is Loan. Paid Loan.TM


Let's work together.

Pressiton Team
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07/13/2015 - Puerto Rico - a way forward by Anne O.Krueger, Anjit Teja and Andrew Wolfe