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"I am a great believer in luck.
The harder I work the more of it I have."

Thomas Jefferson.

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PressitOn Team
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We are a unique company, specializing in creating the most innovative business advice and management solutions using Cloud Computing, and in developing our own appraisals and financial analysis methods and strategies.

By cooperating with the Governments and Multilateral Development Banks, Pressiton connects capital with the urgent needs of the countries, and companies.

Pressiton's goal:  to achieve market capitalization of 1 trillion USD, issuing the Green Bonds only, as the source of finance.

Mission Statement:

Achieving a global presence as the first company in the world, which uses its own unique cloud computing management system, and its own money management solutions, for investment value optimization.

Construction projects carried out in the Pressiton Online Management System, in any location in the world. PressitonEthicsTM, is the only system in the world, which ensures 100% compliance with all local labour regulations.


Company Valuation and Sale

By using our unique tools we are able to close transactions quickly and efficiently.
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Seeking Capital

We offer access to our own capital, and help in identifying the best partners for the projects at different stages of development.
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The first Hotel Reservation System in the world, with the availability of choosing individual rooms, or even the beds in the hostel's case.

The Press-Travel has many AI features, to interactively help the customers, in evaluating the best booking options, with all transactions made in the Press-DAG chain.

The word DAG comes from the Directed Acycylic Graphs, which is the most modern form of a digital information storage, with:
* no fees
* no mining
* smart contracts
* very fast transactions

Therefore, the system is been used for the Oil / LNG, and the other commodities transactions, too.
All is written in one, unified language, which speeds up a development enormously, and allows a maximum cyber-security.
A real breakthrough is pegging our currency, the GLOBAL-GDP and its countries equivalents to the GDP-s, with all details available to our customers.